Monday, May 28, 2012

[Book, Review] The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade

The Ghost and the Goth. This book has been stuck on my shelf for a while now, and to tell you the truth, I thought this would scare me a little, but thank goodness it didn't.
The title sounded very appealing to me, that's what made me pick it up and read it. Plus the cover, it was cute, simple, and very much like the book. I love covers that give out some sort of teaser as to what's in the book.

Alona is a typical blond, popular, bitchy, the queen-bee. I like her character because she may be blond and may seem stupid, but she's very smart, and she knows how to deal with things. She has her own loop holes in life, which is her mother, I guess that's what makes her responsible.
Will, apparently people think he's a goth. I don't understand why he wears dark colors if he says he's not. I mean he could always wear a different color T-shirt with the same dark hoodie. Does he own nothing else besides dark colors. I guess that's how he is, he dresses like he doesn't want to get noticed, which works. But I have to say, his description is hot! Fabulous teeth, blue eyes, biceps. Exactly what I like in a guy. He's a very mysterious guy.

Alona's friends, Backstabbers and bitches
The Ghosts, Hilarious. I love how they are all from different years, and how they communicate with each other.
Joonie, what is wrong with her? I don't like her. I'm not her biggest fan. 
Dr. Miller, I found him disgusting for some reason. He should be stripped from his doctorate title.

The story line was fantastic. it was a very original book that I've read so far. It was very intriguing and funny. It was an easy read, but i wonder why I didn't finish it earlier. I loved how it was written, one chapters from Alona's perspective and the other for Will's. Plus, I loved the ending, It was a good ending that made me want to read more of it. Thank goodness Kade wrote a second book! xD
I cannot wait to start the second book, and get that off my shelf.

Fantastic job Ms. Kade!


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