Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[Books] Living in the Light: How to Fight the Darkness of Depression and Anxiety

Living in the Light provides readers with step-by-step methods to overcome depression and anxiety. It offers solutions through a combination of cognitive techniques and gospel-centered principles that will empower readers with the ability to regain their peace and happiness through eliminating all aspects of darkness from their life, embracing a life full of light.

Living in the Light is a self help religious book that allows readers to read and learn how to deal with their depressions and anxiety. When Lacey A. West gave me this book to review, and she said it was slightly religious, I decided to give this book a chance; since I don't read nor review religious books.

The book began with a great description of how depression and anxiety feels like based on the experiences of the author and other peoples experiences as well. Following that comes the steps and stories on how those individuals dealt with their depression. At the end of each chapter, there was a "Take Action" segment, which basically is a summary of what you need to do to live a happy life and deal with your problems. Which I think is a great way for the readers to grasp what the point of the chapter is.

Even if this book is a religious book, and some may be uncomfortable reading or even mentioning religion, but is dealing with a great depression and anxiety, I think this book will appeal to them, regardless of the religious areas of the book. I recommend it to those who would like to rid themselves of their depression stages in life and improve themselves in their own way. I can personally say that this book has taught me how to deal with my future depressions that I will hopefully not encounter in life.

Monday, November 26, 2012

[Books] Blog Tour: Guest Post from Lesley Philips

Hello readers!!
I come baring a guest post from Dr. Lesley Phillips, the author of an adventurous fantasy novel, The Midas Tree, to help us be more familiar with what it's like in The Midas Tree. Their food, fashion, and literature.

Author Biography 

Dr. Lesley Phillips is a speaker, author, workshop leader, meditation teacher, healer and clairvoyant reader.

She began her career as a PhD scientist and business woman in the biotechnology industry. However Lesley was always interested in meditation and spirituality and she developed her abilities in parallel to her busy career.

Before coming to Canada in 1998 she trained in meditation, healing and clairvoyance at the School of Insight and Intuition, Richmond UK. She was also a member of The Rainbow Bridge Dream Work Group where, she explored dream incubation, dream re-entry, astral travel, shamanic journeying and dream symbol interpretation. Earlier in her spiritual journey she received much guidance and experienced many premonitions through her dreams, having kept a dream diary since childhood.

Much of her formal spiritual training was at the CDM Spiritual Teaching Center in Seattle, where she was mentored by renowned author and speaker Mary Ellen Flora. She graduated as an ordained minister in 2003 and from the centers teaching program in 2005, when she began teaching classes and workshops for CDM Vancouver. She also holds private and corporate meditation workshops.

Subsequently Dr. Phillips has taught counseled over a 1000 individuals and presented at over 100 live events. She is known as a caring, gifted teacher and speaker that brings out the best in people.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

[Books] The Midas Tree by Dr. Lesley Phillips


Joshua lives in the Garden Of Color and Light, an idyllic paradise where he is always playing and having fun. Each day is like any other, until he finds a magical golden acorn that enraptures him and propels him on an incredible adventure. After being guided to chase the acorn as it flies through the garden, Joshua discovers a door at the base of a tree; and once he enters his life changes for ever.

It is an adventure story, a guidebook for personal spiritual unfolding and even includes lessons about biology and nature. It is a book that parents can enjoy reading with their children or that teachers can share with their classes to introduce them to internal self awareness. The Midas Tree is a book of light that offers techniques that can help all people cope when they are going through difficult times in their lives; as well as illuminating the path to personal enlightenment in a fun and entertaining way.

To see full summary click here!

The Midas Tree about a boy named Joshua who happens to find a way into what seems like another world, inside the Midas Tree. And his only way out is to learn the ways of those living the Midas Tree. Joshua journeys on and learns new and different things, goes through stuggles and assist those in need, just to find his way out. But, will he want to go after all that he has learned? Will he stay?

The Midas Tree is a great bed time story book for kids of any ages. It's adventurous and informative about the ways of the earth and the ways of the mind.

The creatures that live in the Midas Tree and the creatures that Joshua comes across all seem very very creative, and they all seem to really know their stuff and are all eager to help, which is a great inspiration and role model for the young ones reading this, even if they're just creatures.

Throughout the book, Joshua is taught how to mediate to manifest what he really needs to survive. And one quote that I really like and that really inspired me:

“Let all your doubts and disbeliefs flow away down your grounding. In fact, create a rose and place anything that says you cannot have your creation into this rose, and then explode it. Keep creating and exploding roses, until all your doubts have disappeared.” - Devany - Pg 240

This line taught me that when in doubt, imagine or a rose and place all that doubt in that rose and explode it. It's funny, but it's a surprisingly great way to release doubts.

The art work in the beginning of every chapter is spectacular. It's cute, creative and it really speaks about the chapter.

The Midas Tree, is an informative magical book that teaches one the power of the mind and the ways of how the earth is. I recommend this book to absolutely anyone who enjoys reading about adventures and knowing more of the mind and our world in a unique point of view.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Candles anyone?

Hello Hello!

Candles anyone?

I bought these candles at the mall last night.
I gasped when I saw it and said "I MUST GET!" 

They were cheap too.

Sea Side Collection
Their just too pretty! 
And they make me feel so relaxed! 

Note: To those waiting for my review, I'm so sorry that it's late. I had exams. They'll be up by throughout this week.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Books] Adudan by Dario Giardi

Started on: November 6, 2012
Finished on: November 13, 2012

"Only when you no longer fear death will you be able to write your own destiny"

Marcel lives on a small island off the coast of Brittany. He dreams of becoming a famous writer but in his dreams he discovers his destiny and his true identity.
A dream journey that takes him to the magical world of Atlas. There he finds out that he was Railen, the elite guard of princess Adudan.

For Marcel those visions are the first piece of a story whose roots go back to the dawn of time.
Memory by memory, he begins to piece together his past, narrating to us the events that forced him to part with his beloved Adudan.

Dogged and constantly threatened by the Draconians, a cruel alien civilisation, the two lovers must separate in order to protect the Crystal of Atlas.
But they can’t run forever, the day will come when the Draconians manage to track down the Crystal; and when that day comes mankind will have to be ready and trained to defend itself and write its own destiny.

I was given this book to review almost a month ago and I finally had the chance to finish it! 

Adudan is an urban-fantasy romance debut novel by Dario Giardi. It is about two people who are in love, Railen and his princess Adudan. They were forced to separate but then find their way back to each other. 

The way the book was written was excellent, it made it an easy read. The details were great, everything was straight to the point, but the only things I really craved for is the details when it came to the fight scenes. I thought that needed a little bit more detail because I felt like something was missing or it wasn't enough. 

The story line was original and it is the reason why I would pick this up from the shelf and read. It's romantic, adventurous, and absorbing.  And one quote that I really loved was:

"My home was in her arms. Her home was in my embrace" - pg 137 

The book cover really speaks on what's inside the book but doesn't really reveal all it's content. It's a good cover but I don't think it will be the reason why I would pick this up from the shelves.  

In conclusion to this review, I really enjoyed Adudan, I loved the way it began, I loved the way it ended. It was an engrossing and easy read. And I recommend this book to those who love reading about forbidden romance or romance in general and those who enjoy reading about fantasy. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[Books] Monthly Review Wrap-up: September & October

Hello Readers and Fellow Bloggers! 

I completely forgot to make a wrap-up post for September. DAMN IT! 
So since I just found out that I only reviewed one book during October, I am going to combine September's and October's reviews. ^^, 
I don't know if you can do that but whatever! 



And that's it for now. 
Hopefully I wont forget to do a wrap-up next month!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

[Book] The Tree With No Branches by Johnny Knew

Started & Finished on: November 4 2012

In the heart of the Full-Of-Pride forest lives a tree without any leaves, blossoms or even a single branch. Teased and bullied for being different, what is this simple tree to do? Get ready to watch some leaves get rustled as you embark on a trunk-warming tale of gargantuan proportions. The Tree With No Branches is a story about love, courage, and growing where it counts. Hold onto your petunias because the most funtastical story that's ever been told is about to unfold and is sure to take you and your imagination on the log ride of your life! The Tree With No Branches, by Johnny Knew, is the first of 6 books to be released by CutiePie Publishing. With the depth of Shel Silverstein and the rhythmic pulse of Dr. Seuss, Johnny Knew has created a world without boundaries that touches the heart, mesmerizes the mind and delivers a smile. . . leaving us all wanting more.

This is a cute little book that tells a story about a tree who is different from every-tree else because he had no branches at all. Every tree in the forest made fun of him, said mean things about him, and bragged about how great they all were because of their beautiful branches and leaves while the one with no branches had none.

I loved this 23 page book! It is just too cute. It teaches little kids, and also everyone who reads this, not to judge every book by its cover, or in this case, don't judge a tree by how many branches it has. 

The illustrations look very detailed and of course, appropriate for a children's book. The way it was written was great, the rhyming is always a great addition. 

All in all, I loved this short children's book. It was an easy read, very creative, well illustrated, well written, and it teaches the reader or the listener many things. I recommend every mom and dad to buy this book for your kid/s and read it to them before bed. 

[Books] Roost by Jasmine Winterson

Started on: October 21 2012
Finished on: November 4 2012

Four urban refugees move west, haunted by echoes of a tangled conspiracy. Colorado’s Western Slope and the fertile beauty of the Grand Valley beckon with the promise of new beginnings.

As the women seek to find their place in this seeming paradise, partnership with gutsy local Anna Garcia opens their eyes to an unsettled region torn by natural resource and labor wars.

For the men, a mountain biking trip with Olympian Derek Draben transforms their plans into a much broader vision of glory.

Time passes … relationships grow … until a chance meeting in the desert reminds everyone that the past lives on ... and does not forget.

A story of struggle, intrigue and redemption, Roost is Jasmine Winterson’s second novel. It is a compelling journey through the landscapes of the human experience and the American West

I received this book for review a month ago and I finally got the time to read it.

The storyline revolves around a group of friends that want new beginning and the concept of mountain biking.

I enjoyed this book, it was interesting and was an easy read. I really liked how the narrater shifts between friends and that they all had different but similar story lines which are all connected.

The love the cover. It really shows what the book is about, which is a plus point.

Roost was a good book; an easy, fun and slightly exciting read. It is a book that made my heart race towards the ending. The only thing that I found lacking is the details on the antagonists. I didin't know much about them and I would really be interested to know their backstory.

Other than that, Roost is a great book that I enjoyed and that I recommend to those who enjoy reading around races, romance and a bit of mystery.

Friday, November 2, 2012

[Books] The Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham/Sophie Kinsella

Started on: October 21 2012
Finished on: November 2 2012
Fleur Daxeny is beautiful, unscrupulous, and has a large wardrobe of black designer suits. With the help of The Times announcements page she gate-crashes the funerals of the wealthy, preying on rich vulnerable men. She charms her way into their lives and onto their platinum cards, takes what she can and then moves swiftly on.

When Richard Favour, a dull but wealthy businessman, meets Fleur at his wife's memorial service, he's bowled over. Gradually Fleur works her spell on Richard's reserved and stilted family - transforming their lives while she moves in on their wealth. She finds herself lingering longer than she meant to, becoming involved in the family - but as Fleur rifles through Richard's files, it becomes clear that she is not the only one after his money.

This book has been on my to-be-read pile for quite a while now, and I'm extremely happy to get it off. I have no idea why I took so long to finish this, a week back, I had enough time to read, but I completely ignored that I had a book waiting.

On to the review. I have read multiple Sophie Kinsella books but only two of her books writing as Madeleine Wickham, and I enjoyed those two books as I enjoyed this one.

The Gatecrasher is about a woman who goes to funerals to hunt for rich men. So basically she's a gold digger. Now this is something new, going to funerals to hunt for rich and lavish men.

I really enjoyed this book, it was funny, witty and engrossing. I don't know why but these kind of books always seem to engross me.

The overall plot and story line seemed like a typical chick-lit, but it has it's own little twist to it. The details were clear and sufficient. It wasn't too much nor was it too little.

When I got towards the ending, I was very doubtful of what was going to happen. I predicted that the protagonist will marry the guy she sought out in the beginning of the book, and that she'll tell him the truth and they'll have this big argument but in the end they'll get together and have a happy ending.
I didn't really expect the book to end the way it did. I found it a bit lacking, but my emotions tell me that it was a sufficient ending. To tell you the truth, I ended the book with a smile. :D

I am extremely happy that Sophie Kinsella rereleased her old books when she wrote as Madeleine Wickham. It has become my goal to read all the books she's ever written. Talk about favorite author.