Blog Bucket List

My blog bucket list, is a list of things I want to achieve with my blog. ^.^
  1. Become a known blogger in the Kingdom (Kingdom of Bahrain)
  2. Get front row seats at a Fashion Show 
  3. Get invited to go to Fashion Week
  4. Get a request to review a restaurant 
  5. Go to a blog related conventions and/or conferences
  6. Make a great friend through blogging
  7. Get 100 followers
  8. Get featured in a local magazine
  9. Get featured in an international magazine 
  10. Have a successful and fun blogging career and lifestyle

Thanks to Jennine Jacob from Independent Fashion Bloggers for her post, "What's on your Blogger Bucket List" and for the great idea!
I personally think every blogger should have their own blog bucket list. It not only gives us something new to think of but it also to helps us break through the barriers of life and soar higher than ever.

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