Monday, January 23, 2012

Drama's of the Season.

There are so many new Japanese drama's that came out in the beginning of January, and I still didn't watch them...But, I am planning too.

The jdrama's I'll be watching this season are
Lucky Seven
Risou no Musuko
Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~Ending Planner~
Renai Neet~Wasureta Koi no Hajimekata~

*links to their drama wiki

5 new drama's to watch this season. How am I going to keep up? some of them have already released Episode 2. 

Lucky Seven 
Matsumoto Jun shirtless in the first minutes of episode 1. I scanned through the first episode, and that's the first thing I saw. Some people say that they expected more from the series. They got kind of disappointed for some reason. But, since I haven't seen MatsuJun act in a while, I am going to watch it. 
I didn't know Koyama Keichiro is in this? I was scanning through the first episode and there he pops up. 

Risou no Musuko 
The only reason I am going to watch this drama is because of Yamada and Fujigaya. (how bias is that? Lol) The story line is great, its something that is outside and inside the box. The scenery stays in a high school, but instead of the typical; new teacher comes in and disciplines the students, like Gokusen and Misaki no. 1, its about this woman who works in a cafeteria at an all boys school and her son (Yamada) leaves his prep school and attends the school his mom is working at to protect her. 
And apparently Fujigaya has a thing for Yamada's mom. That' I don't like it, its just weird. 

Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~Ending Planner~
A reason I'm watching this is because of Yamapi and Chinen. I haven't seen Yamapi act in a while and I have never seen Chinen act. I know he's been in other drama's but this the is first time I've seen him.
The story line is kind of depressing, because the main character (Yamapi) works in a funeral service shop. It just gives me the shivers. But what caught my eye is the relationship between the main character and a rookie female detective. I am such a girl for just watching a depressing series because the summary said "Romance". 
I hope the series will turn out well. 

A drama about food! Who wouldn't watch something about food?
A bassist gives up his music career to take over his family's french restaurant. I think its a good concept. There will be a love triangle between the main character and obviously 2 other ladies.
I am looking forward to this drama. <3

Renai Neet~Wasureta Koi no Hajimekata~
It's a Romantic Comedy. After watching Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu last season, I wanted something completely romantic to watch this season. What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic. 
Looking forward to watching this drama as well as the others. 

I hope you guys will be watching new drama's this season. Jdrama, Kdrama, Tdrama.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[Book, Review] Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella

Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is pregnant. Obviously, note the title, and if you read the book before this, you'll know.
She's pregnant, yes. Dying to know whether its a girl on boy. Dying to have a celebrity as her obstetrician.
She gets her celebrity obstetrician, but what shocks is that, that obstetrician is her husband; Luke, ex girlfriend.
Poor Becky...

I actually finished this book a few days ago, I've been too busy to write a review. Shopaholic and Baby is the 5th book of the Shopaholic Series. I've read Shopaholic and Sister(Book 4 of the Shopaholic Series, in 2009. I think it was in book 4 when the series started to have great impact on me. I shed-ed a tear or two during book 4.

Shopaholic & Baby is just great. In the beginning of the book, I've already started to crack up and I had to stop myself from laughing because everyone was sleeping. I also cried a bit by the ending. It was just too sad. >.< Poor thing, Becky.

I actually thought Luke was really having an affair and is really confused about this relationship with Becky. But No; Thank God!, Luke is such a sweet heart, and is just a very busy man. I wish I would have a husband like him, but less busy.

Becky, as always, exaggerates every single thing she hears and thinks about. I love the way she thinks though, it always inspires me in some ways. I am slowly turning in to a shopaholic.

Conclusion, I loved that book. Its such a good book for those who love life and love shopping.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[Books, Review] Let it Snow: Three Holiday Romances by John Green, Maureen Johnson, & Lauren Myracle

This is the perfect book to read when you'll cuddled up under your blankets on Christmas. Its just a lovely book filled with 3 holiday love stories.

I just loved the book. Its such a perfect book for Christmas. Pity I didn't read it on December, since I borrowed it from my cousin. xD

The first story "The Jubilee Express". I love how its sounds like Jolibee (Fast food restaurant in Philippines) This short story by Maureen Johnson was a lovely one. You can tell that Jubilee is a strong girl. I hate be boyfriend/ex boyfriend though, Noah. He's such an asshat. Loved Stuart. He's such a sweety.

The 2nd story, "A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle". 2 guys and a girl, going through the worst story in fifty years, just to see a bunch of cheerleaders and to have hash browns. I think that's a bit extreme. But, if i was bored in the house on Christmas, then maybe. The love between Tobin and the Duke/Angie, best friend love. Oh and thank you JP for introducing the word 'Asshat'. I love how there are random Korean's in this book. The short story was good as well. It was very exciting, all the running and falling in the snow, trying to race to the Waffle House.

The last story, "The Patron Saint of Pigs". Now this title kind of got me confused, Pigs? How did that get into the story. I was secretly hoping that his would be about Jeb from "Jubilee Express" and I was right. Jebs girlfriend/ex girlfriend Addie, they kept saying that everything was about her, well, yea, its a story about her sad breakup with Jeb, what else is it suppose to be about? Lol. I think the pig changed Addie, that it wasn't about her any more, it was about the her bestfriend; Tegans, pig, Gabriel. Addie's angel Mayzei, such a sweet lady she is, she saved the day I tell you, she is such an angel trying to earn her wings. Everything went well in the end. If Addie only gave a bit of hope to herself, but I guess I would feel the same if I was in her situation.

I loved how in the end, most of the main characters throughout the whole book came in. and I loved that Starbucks was included in.
This is a perfect book, as I said before, for Christmas. A holiday gift indeed.
I recommend everyone to get it and read it on Christmas or at least on your winter break.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

[Books, Review] Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella

Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella

It has been a while since I read a Sophie Kinsella book, its been over a year actually. This is the first book I finished this year, and one of the books that have been sitting on my side table for the whole year last year (2011)

I've always loved Kinsella's books, it was because of her I actually got into these comedy romance novels. Her books always make me "laugh out loud" and its always so heart warming in the end. 

Shopaholic Ties the Knot is the 3rd book of the Shopaholic series. Rebecca "Becky" Bloomwood finally gets engaged to Luke Brandon, but Becky gets herself into trouble like she always does and she has to choose between getting married at the Plaza Hotel in New York or in her backyard in England . Damn that girl can lie through her teeth. But in the end, no matter how stupid her solution to her problem sounds, its always happen to work out and make sense. 

I loved the book, it made me think about weddings, and how the planning is going to be like, it got me excited for my future wedding, and it also made me go "OMG CAKE!". I love how Luke can actually deal with Becky. 
But, I some how didn't get into the book like I usually do. I just didn't really feel it in a deep level. 

Shopaholic Ties the Knot is a good book. The Shopaholic Series is a great series that I would recommend to any teenage girl.


Monday, January 2, 2012

[Fashion] Developing your own style

My New Years Resolution is "Developing my own Unique Style and Go Shopping for it" 

I have begun googleling and searching for ways on how to develop your own style...
I love, They give out such great advice and ideas on fashion. 
Here are some links that will help you develop your own unique style

5 Tips to Help You Develop Your Own Personal Style

You should explore around the site, to get more ideas, etc, and because its really fun. 

I heard that this year the lucky colors are Red, Pink, Purple, Green and Brown.
Don't worry if these certain colors don't match your skin tone, you could always get a different shade of those colors. 

Love Fashion, its awesome! 

[Fashion] Eiffel Tower Necklace

Went to Forever21 yesterday (January 1, 2012) because I've been dying to buy this Eiffel Tower necklace I saw a month back.

Here it is!!

Isn't it dazzling? I had the choice of Silver, Gold, Black, and Bronze. I took the bronze because it goes with my skin tone.
When buying jewelry, or any type of clothing, make sure that it goes with your skin tone, or else the whole thing will just look horrible on you.

This Eiffel Tower necklace just gave me the feeling of being in Paris. I fell in love with it. I saw it once before a month back, but I couldn't buy it because I had no money, so I went back yesterday to go hunting for it.
I am so happy I have it! This and my New York necklace. 

Love all! <3 

[Food] Elevation Burger - "Ingredients Matter"

(c) Seef Mall site 
Elevation Burger just opened in Bahrain a few months ago. It is known for its healthy and organic food.
I went to Elevation Burger for the first time for dinner.
I like their slogan "Ingredients Matter".

When we arrived at the restaurant, the place was already packed. We had to wait a while before of the waiters assisted us. They told us to go and order while they find a place for us to sit. So we did. I ordered a Regular Cheese Burger with a coke. We got our seats a few minutes after.

The burger was good. It tasted like a normal regular cheese burger. Easy to bite through. Very Appealing. As I was eating it, I can taste the organic-ness in it. It is the most healthiest burgers I have ever tasted.

You can add toppings to the burger like, ketchup, mustard, onion, relish, etc. But it will add to the cost. The burger alone cost a lot. The price of the burger is already a meal at a regular fast food restaurant. Its quite expensive.

My sister ordered her burger with fries.

The fries at first glance, isn't very appealing, but since I'm a fries eating maniac, I had to taste them. It tasted very healthy. Not very appealing but tastes good and healthy.

The restaurant all in all was fantastic. Service was fast, environment was great, and food of course was great. As other said, "When you eat the burgers, you don't feel the regret of over eating" and It definitely didn't give me gas later on. I would definitely eat there again.


Elevation Burger Website

Sunday, January 1, 2012

[Books] Books to read this 2012

Happy New Year everyone!!!
A new year, means a new list of books to read.
This year, I will go with the flow, and read as many books as I want to. I have developed a habit of not going a day with out a book to read.

Here is my List for now. xD

The pictures lead to their goodreads . ^^,
And that's it so far... I will probably add to the list through out the year.
24 Books to-read so far this year. xD