Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Books, Review] First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson: part-time private investigator and full-time Grim Reaper

Charley sees dead people. That’s right, she sees dead people. And it’s her job to convince them to “go into the light.” But when these very dead people have died under less than ideal circumstances (i.e. murder), sometimes they want Charley to bring the bad guys to justice. Complicating matters are the intensely hot dreams she’s been having about an Entity who has been following her all her life...and it turns out he might not be dead after all. In fact, he might be something else entirely.

This is a thrilling debut novel from an exciting newcomer to the world of paranormal romantic suspense.

So, Charley is a grim reaper. Never heard that story before, and may I say that for a debut author, I think Jones did a great job. From the beginning of the book I already started cracking up. Reading about a grim reaper was indeed different for me. 

I found the book in some ways confusing, I think its because I took a while to finish this book. The dialogue was kind of unfamiliar to me, since I am not used to reading mystery based novels. But I do enjoy the mysteries. I really enjoyed the story line, the main idea of the novel. It wasn't as unique as others, but it is some what different in its own ways.

Reyes Forrow...he is very mysterious. His character in the book was such a mystery to me while I was reading. I didn't even think that he would be what he is. I didn't even think about the heaven or hell thing. It was very creative how Jones throws around creative ideas into the novel, how everything is so scattered all over the place, and as you read everything connects. I think that's how it is in all mystery books yea? There was so much going on, so much action, everyone is trying to kill Charley for some reason. She somehow attracts a lot of enemies subconsciously, I find it hilarious. Reyes appearance everything she's in danger is pretty cool. Reyes/big bad is pretty cool. He is so hot as well. *dies*

All in all, I liked the book a lot. But I was a bit disappointed in myself that I didn't finish the book earlier than I used to because its such a good book. I found the book very amusing and witty, and it kept me reading at some parts. Its a great debut novel! I cannot wait for the next book to come out! I would totally recommend it to all readers who love reading paranormal books. All types of it.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

[Books, Review] Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles

OMG!!! The series is over!! T^T I want more!! 

This was an awesome book. It was an awesome series. It's one the series in which I read in less than a month. I love books that I finish fast because I know they are so good and it always has be itching for more. 

Luis Fuentes is the youngest Fuentes brother. It is his turn to get his perfect girl. Nikki Cruz is living the American dream, lives on the north-side of Fairfield, and has issues when it comes to boys. But when she meets Luis, everything changes...obviously. it always changes. 

The story line of this one is no different from the past two books, which is fine. I don't really mind that its not different, and I'm not complaining. It doesn't get me confused. The leading ladies of the Fuentes brothers always gets them out of trouble and gets them to see and think straight. I love the power their women have over them. 

I am happy that everyone gets along in the end, and I am hoping that all the Fuentes brothers kids, don't get into gang trouble when they get older. 

I just loved the covers of all the books, except Perfect Chemistry, I think they should have picked a different model to play Alex, or choose a different shot of him maybe. Rules of Attraction cover is awesome, I just loved it. It is like my favorite cover among all the 3. Chain Reaction cover is great. It goes in my number 2 below Rules of attraction. I love how these covers are scenes that happen in the book. I love it.

I love this series. I really really hope they will turn it into a movie. I want to Alex, Carlos, and Luis in the big screen. I WANT A MOVIE OF THIS! 

For the record, my favorite Fuentes would probably be Luis, He is both Smart and Sexy; may be similar to Alex, but I like Luis more... Sexy and Smart is always a jackpot. xD

This Dream cast will do. <3


Saturday, February 11, 2012

[Books, Review] Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

Rules of attraction, the 2nd book of the Perfect Chemistry novel. 

I absolutely loved this book. Just like Perfect Chemistry, I couldn't put it down. 
Carlos Fuentes is forced to go back to America from Mexico, and stay with his brother, Alex, in Colorado. Alex decides to let him stay with one of the Professors that he knows from university. That's when Kiara comes into the picture. Kiara is the daughter of the Professor that Carlos will be living with, and Kiara has to be a tour guide for Carlos around school. Carlos enjoys annoying her, and Kiara enjoys pay back. 

I personally think that Kiara is a good girl who loves challenges, and isn't afraid of anything. She got out of her comfort zone and even though she stutters when she's nervous I admire her. She is a great heroin.
Carlos on the other hand, I just have to say his hot. I love how he runs after Kiara and how he loves her so deeply. aww...

I whole concept was great. I just love a book I cannot put down and I am just grateful no one dies in this book. I love a happy ending. I love this book, I cannot wait to read Chain Reaction after my exams.
I would absolutely recommend this book to those who love romances. Its a perfect YA romance novel.

I wish i could give it 10 stars. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[Books, Review] Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

I absolutely loved this book! I LOVED IT! I feel like I can't say anything about it. 
It was the kind of books that you can't book down. I love reading books that make me do that. I would just go from page after page.

The books seems like a typical cliche, Bad boy date good perfect girl for a bet. It is a typical cliche, and some say that it's similar to grease. It of it, but I'm not complaining. 
Alejandro or Alex, the typical bad boy Latino.Brittany, the typical perfect smart blond. They are paired together as Chemistry partners. Now being partners in something seems pretty new to me. Among all the Contemporary books I've read, I've found this one the best. 
As I was reading, I would always have a translator with me for me to understand some of the words, since some are in Spanish. Thanks to this book, I learned new Spanish words. 

I loved all the Characters in the book except Colin and Darlene. They're so stuck up and jealous. Hate them. You will always have haters in every book. 

The cover is okay, it isn't really how I pictured Alejandro, I wished they picked a better Alejandro. But its a good cover.

This is my first Simone Elkeles and I found it utterly amazing and fantastic. It is easy to read and it's a book that will suck you in. 
I recommend it to everyone who enjoys contemporary romance and something good to just pick up and read. 


Saturday, February 4, 2012

[Books] I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella


I've got your number is Sophie Kinsella's new stand-alone book that will be releasing very soon.

I’ve lost it. :( The only thing in the world I wasn’t supposed to lose. My engagement ring. It’s been in Magnus’s family for three generations. And now the very same day his parents are coming, I’ve lost it. The very same day! Do not hyperventilate, Poppy. Stay positive :) !!

Poppy Wyatt has never felt luckier. She is about to marry her ideal man, Magnus Tavish, but in one afternoon her “happily ever after” begins to fall apart. Not only has she lost her engagement ring in a hotel fire drill but in the panic that follows, her phone is stolen. As she paces shakily around the lobby, she spots an abandoned phone in a trash can. Finders keepers! Now she can leave a number for the hotel to contact her when they find her ring. Perfect!

Well, perfect except that the phone’s owner, businessman Sam Roxton, doesn’t agree. He wants his phone back and doesn’t appreciate Poppy reading his messages and wading into his personal life.

What ensues is a hilarious and unpredictable turn of events as Poppy and Sam increasingly upend each other’s lives through emails and text messages. As Poppy juggles wedding preparations, mysterious phone calls, and hiding her left hand from Magnus and his parents . . . she soon realizes that she is in for the biggest surprise of her life.

~ . ~ . ~ . ~

I've heard about this being an ebook, but I didn't even think that it would actually get released in Hardback or Paper back. I've been so dense. 

The summary is great. Kinsella really comes up with weird scenarios. I've always loved her stand-alone books, and I am super excited about this one.

You can watch a video about the book here

Sources, Sophie Kinsella's official site, Goodreads

[Book, Review] Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

note: Picture leads to Goodreads

Mini Shopaholic is the 6th book of the Shopaholic Series, in this one, Minnie is now 2 years old and Becky decides to give her pocket money. Becky also has a surprise party to plan. What mess will she get into now? 

It actually took me quite a while to finish this book. Almost a month. The beginning was alright, Minnie is kind of spoiled but then she IS a toddler, and it IS kind of normal. I can relate to Becky in some ways. When I read about her life, it's like I'm reading my future. That's what I like about this book. 

But then as I was reading it, I never found it boring, I just found it uninteresting. It wasn't as interesting as the past books of the series. 

The ending just shocked me. Becky didn't mention anything about another party! sneaky sneaky! I enjoyed that shocking moment. It just made me excited to know what exactly she was planning for Luke's 'actual' surprise party. 
As the party got into detail, I loved the Midsummer Nights Dream theme. The details were great! 

I wish Elinor and Luke get back into good terms. I like the control Elinor has over Minnie. There has to always be someone in the family who is strict to the children. I just really wish Elinor and Luke speak to each other again. Elinor really loves Luke, and she's beginning to lighten up and open up. I like Elinor, but then she is too formal. 

The Book in Conclusion, it was a good book. The ending was marvelous, that just kind of blew me away. 
If you've read the past Shopaholic Books, you must read this one! 

I thought this was going to be the last book of the Shopaholic Series, but we have more to look forward to. HOLLYWOOD!!!! 


Friday, February 3, 2012

[Fashion] Peach Pink Outfit

Peach Pink Summer Outfit

Yesterday, my sister was so kind enough to buy me new shoes. The shoes I wanted to buy for a while now. Last year, I found this gorgeous summer dress. Every time I go to the mall, I would always find something that will suit the dress, like a cardigan, shoes, jewelry, bags. I would go hunting for these things. 

Finally, I got the perfect shoes for the dress. But of course, I would also wear flats with the dress of the same color. 

The Dress

The Shoes

It Makes

This outfit is perfect for summer, I've been waiting for summer to approach so I can wear it. You could pair it with other nude colors. 

[Food] What I think is healthy

What I think is healthy.

I just had my breakfast. I had a bowl of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes and right now I'm finishing up my tea. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it is a requirement to eat. Most people don't really eat in the morning, they just drink their coffee and get on with their day. Eating breakfast is important because its the start of your day, we need our energy to get through the day, and I think breakfast provides us that.

I think, even if you eat a piece of bread with cheese in the morning is a good thing. You could have cereal, or if you really want to eat heavy, try rice.

A proper lunch is also what makes your day. Since I'm half Filipina, I eat rice 1-2 times a day. The best time to eat rice is during lunch time. You could have it with; as what us Filipinos call it, Ulam, or dish that has soup. You can also have a sandwich for lunch. Bread can be another substitute for rice.

For Dinner, I think its good to lay off the fast food if you've been eating fast food 24/7 like I am. Ever since I was a kid, every week, I would have fast food for dinner, and now it turned to mostly every day. Mostly every day for dinner, we have fast food. Which isn't very healthy. But if you have no choice, you could always order a salad, or something small.
Since you've been eating a big breakfast, and having rice or bread for lunch, something small for dinner will be the best way to end your day of consuming food.
Remember, for dinner, you could always make your own healthy dinner instead of ordering out.

So, What exactly do I think is healthy.
1. I think all types of salads are healthy.
2. Tea, having too much coffee isn't very healthy, so switch a cup or two with tea
3. Chocolate is healthy <- click link
4. Water does fantastic work to your skin if you consume a fare amount everyday.
5. Shopping relieves stress ( so out of the topic FOOD )
6. Exercise; walking, running or any type of physical activity done everyday is good for your health.

Eating healthy is one of the most important things in life.
Eating healthy is awesome because it makes you feel awesome. 

Music and Drama/Series no more

Good Day my lovely readers!

Alright! I have decided again that, I will no longer have the categories Music and Drama/Series in my blog anymore.
1. I am too busy with Uni to post about anything besides books
2. I barely post about things on my drama/series list, I've been neglecting to review the drama's i've finished
3. I have been procrastinating updating about Music, such as; ABC-Z's Debut!

I will be continuing my blog as a Food, Book and Fashion Blog.

[Fashion] Note: I have found a really cute outfit, and will be posting about it later today
[Book] Note: I am almost done with Mini Shopaholic, expect a review soon
[Food] Note: I've been too busy to cook or bake. Sorry!