Saturday, June 16, 2012

[Books] Book side table - Shelf

Good day readers,

I just wanted to show you all my 'Book side table - shelf' that I use as a shelf. This is how much books I have, and of course there are more stacked up behind other books. Since I don't really have much books, and since I don't really own a book shelf, I just put all my books beside my bed.

I personally think that it's a good place to put your books; I mean if you have like 20 and below, so that you can easily pick them up and read before bed or something. Its pretty cool.

But on the downside of having a 'Book side table - shelf', If you have over 50 books, that's going to be a problem. You have no more space to put your other shit like Tissue, pencil & pen holder, calendar, other notebooks. I have rearranged my table so many times this year because books just keep on adding. But some of the books I read are my sisters sooo they just go on my to-read side; over there next to the unicorn, for like a month or two.

That's it. I just want to show you all how I my 'Book side table - shelf' looks like, since I've mentioned it in some of my other posts.

I bid you all a fabulous day!

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