Sunday, September 1, 2013

[Beauty] Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Powder Review

Beauty Post y'all!! 
It's been so long since I did a beauty post! 

I recently (a couple of weeks ago) bought a new face powder, that I could easily just apply on and go, and that would help tame the oil on my semi-oily baby soft clean face. xD

I went into the drug store; Debenhams, and made my way towards the "cheap makeup" section. I asked the sales lady for a really good powder that I could apply on top of makeup and alone. She recommended the Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One powder. 

So i got it in the color 02 Nude Beige.

I wanted to try out this product for a couple of weeks so I can properly review my own way of course. xD

The packaging very simple and portable. Instead of having the sponge usually on top of the powder, they've created its little own section on the side, right next to the powder. It has a lovely wide mirror that I usually tip to the side in hopes that I would see the full length of my face. 

The product apparently has SPF 25, I still haven't grasped the concept of SPF in powder yet. It provides semi-coverage. It can be worn with or without make up. I use it both ways. It's especially great when your face is having a good day and doesn't need that much coverage. I also apply this when I touch up on my makeup, the things have gone out of place during the day. 

Although, this product does make me break out a little bit. But repairs can be made of course. But if your skin is prone acne and breakouts, I don't recommend this. Otherwise, if you want a cheap powder that has some coverage, also if you want to be experimental, give this one a try. 

Maybellline  Clear Smooth All in One Powder only costs 3.500BD ($9.00) I'm assuming it can be found at any Maybelline branch around the world.

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