Friday, February 3, 2012

Music and Drama/Series no more

Good Day my lovely readers!

Alright! I have decided again that, I will no longer have the categories Music and Drama/Series in my blog anymore.
1. I am too busy with Uni to post about anything besides books
2. I barely post about things on my drama/series list, I've been neglecting to review the drama's i've finished
3. I have been procrastinating updating about Music, such as; ABC-Z's Debut!

I will be continuing my blog as a Food, Book and Fashion Blog.

[Fashion] Note: I have found a really cute outfit, and will be posting about it later today
[Book] Note: I am almost done with Mini Shopaholic, expect a review soon
[Food] Note: I've been too busy to cook or bake. Sorry! 

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