Saturday, March 24, 2012

[Books, Review] Vampire Voss by Colleen Gleason


Regency London – a dizzying whirl of balls and young ladies pursued by charming men.

But the Woodmore sisters are hunted by a more sinister breed: Lucifer's own.

Voss, also known as Viscount Dewhurst, relishes the sensual pleasures immortality affords. A member the Dracule – a cabal of powerful, secretive noblemen marked with a talisman that reveals their bartered souls – the mercenary Voss has remained carefully neutral ... until Angelica.

Angelica Woodmore possess the Sight, an ability invaluable to both sides of a looming war among the Dracule. Her very scent envelops Voss in a scarlet fog of hunger – for her body and her blood. But he is utterly unprepared for the new desire that overcomes him – to protect her.

Now Voss must battle his very nature to be with Angelica ... but this vampire never backs down from a fight.

I didn't really find the beginning of the book very appealing. It was the type of beginning that you kind of need a little push to actually get through the beginning. It was alright to read, since it was the introduction and it states how things work and all. It was unique in a way how each vampire has their own special weaknesses, and how Lucifer was the one who made them, its all makes a lot of sense. I really like that.

As I reached the middle of the book, I just couldn't put it down. I didn't realize that I was already half way through. I didn't expect Voss to actually bite Angelica. I thought he would be a typical vampire who doesn't bite his loved ones because he is too "in control", but Voss, he couldn't control. Now that's what I call a vampire, no control, well not much anyways, until they fall in love.

I love the characters, their funny, serious, witty. Perfect for a regency book.
I found the book kind of original for a vampire book. How the vampires are made, how they can miraculously transform back into mortals but still keep their abilities. Everything in the book makes sense. I liked ho the book was written. It was in third person. I like books in third person, it gives you the perfect view of all the characters. At some parts, i noticed that it may be in third person, but it is focused on particular characters. One for Angelica and the other for Voss.

All in all, I enjoyed the book. I just took a while to finish it because of my exams. I shall be reading Vampire Dimitri next, and hope its as good as this one.


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