Saturday, March 3, 2012

[Food] Short Franks A Lot Review

Franks A Lot is Texan/Mexican restaurant that has the best service and one of the best foods.
I had dinner at Franks A Lot a few nights back. I wasn't that hungry and as the title says, its going to be a short review.
The service was fantastic, I've always enjoyed the company of the people there. We were greeted at the door. Once we sat down, the waiter came with the menu.
I ordered a Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad with their new addition to their drinks, a Shirley Temple.

Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad

I've had this salad years back, and I think, they slightly changed the recipe, But how exactly can you change a Caesar Salad recipe, its the most common salads that have been served in restaurants. The way the plate was presented was very creative, and was very playful. The lemon on the middle was for garnishing the dish, I enjoyed doing it myself. The lettuce was finely chopped, appropriate for salads. The sauce was juicy as well, the lemon added the sourness which I loved, but for some reason the sauce at some point was a bit too thick and tasted like mayonnaise. When you combined the chicken, lettuce and bread all in one bite tasted delicious. Franks A Lot's Caesar Salad is on my top 5 list.  

Shirley Temple
I've only had a Shirley Temple is one other place besides Franks a lot, and I've always loved it. How can I judge a Shirley? All Shirley's tastes the same in the end, but, they all have at least a slight difference in every restaurant. I loved the red/pinkness in color, it looked appetizing for a drink, since I'm attracted to slightly bright colors. There was a stick that had a lemon pulled through it, and I enjoy lemons very much. Adding lemon to anything always tastes great. The drink all in all tasted fantastic, despite the fact that I had to chug it down quickly since we had to leave. All the ingredients added blended very well. I would order it all the time if it wasn't as high priced as normal drinks like coke.

I had a great visit at Franks a lot like I always do. I will definitely come back.

Visit Franks A Lot's
Facebook & OfficialWebsite
If you're in Bahran,
Franks A Lot is located in Juffair. Not really sure what the address is exactly. xD

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