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[Food, Review] Antonio's Bar and Grill

Antonio's Bar & Grill 

I’m currently on vacation, and since there are multiple different kinds of restaurants where I currently am; which is Philippines, I decided to review them. Only if I don’t attack the food before I remember that I’m suppose to write a review.

This is Antonio’s Bar & Grill restaurant. It was located in SM Davao.
We had arrived from Manila to Davao on the day, and decided to have lunch.  As we approached the restaurant, there was already a waitress from the restaurant who influences the people around the mall to come and eat at the restaurant.
The restaurant was packed with people, and we were a party of 14. So we had to wait. The waitress suggested that we order while waiting for our table to be ready, so that when the table is ready, the food will already be there. We did that, the menu was in Tagalog/Spanish with the English translation under it or right next to it in brackets. I couldn’t decide what to order, so just let every one order what they want and I would just pick off their food.

It took about 20 minutes for them to finish setting up our table, and took about 5-10 minutes for them to give us our plates and individual rice.

Our drinks were then served a few minutes later. I had a coke, while some of the others had an iced tea. The way this iced tea was served was something I have never seen before. It was served in this.

It was in a keg. It’s funny. I didn’t have the iced tea though, I stuck to my coke. A few minutes after the drinks arrived, the dishes were slowly coming to the table. The dishes that I had were the Tuna Belly, Pinapatok na Chicken (which means Exploding Chicken) and Crispy Chicken.

 This is the Tuna Belly, I’m guessing it was marinated and grilled, topped with spring green onions and normal onions, and sided with baby tomatoes, and shredded carrots. The size of the dish was good enough for 3-4 people, depending on how much you take.
This tasted like tuna, but I think it was grilled with the scales on, because as I was eating it, I could feel something sharp. I usually get scared to eat fish because of the bones, so I usually avoid it. This is tuna, it has no bones, but it has scales, and I find things sharp and crispy on sea creatures not very appealing. But the tuna did tasted good, but I would probably not have it again.

This is the Pinapatok na Chicken (Exploding Chicken). This was sliced in front of the table before it was served to us. As the waiter was slicing the chicken, the was making crunchy exploding sounds, and that explains the “Pinapatok-ness” / “Exploiding-ness”.
Now this is was served with craving and calamancy lemon on the side with shredded carrots.
This tasted great, it was delicious, but for some reason the gravy tasted a bit off. It was different, probably because I wasn’t used to it. Gravy is different everywhere. This is partnered with the rice that was given to us.

This is the Crispy Chicken. But I am not sure. Because I wasn’t the one who ordered, and I forgot to write it down.
The dish tasted as delicious as any Crispy Chicken, which was sided with gravy sauce and shredded carrots. I would definitely order this again, if I were to go with a large party again.
The restaurant over all is a 3/5. The service was friendly, but they seem slightly distracted with each other. They should keep all their attention on pleasing their customers in every single possible way.
The environment and placement of tables and chairs were all right. It felt a bit crapped since the restaurant was full. They should make it more spacious.
The dishes that I had in general were delicious. The placement of food around the dish were very spacious, it looked very appealing.
I would eat here again if I had the chance.
Location of restaurant: Ground Floor, SM Mall Davao, Davao, Philippines


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