Saturday, April 14, 2012

[Food, Review] Da Rae Jung

Good day my darling readers, I apologize to all of you for not blogging about food in a month or so. Here is one review of a restaurant I recently went to for dinner, to make it up to all of you!
Da Rae Jung
Da Rae Jung is a Korean restaurant that serves Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese dishes but mainly focuses  on the Korean dishes and cuisines.

I went there for dinner a few nights back, with my sister and her boyfriend

From when we entered, there was an usher assisting us inside the restaurant. They have a smoking area and a non smoking area, we chose the non smoking so we sat upstairs. As we found our seats the menus were handed to us straight away.

We took a while to decide what we wanted to have but we finally did, eventually. 
When the waitress took our orders, a few minutes later, the waitress came back to our table to hand out their appetizers. 

My guess is that they are all mostly fish and vegetarian. I tried a few of them only, not wanting to spoil my dinner, and because I was too scared. xD 
The ones I tried tastes good, it tasted like the food we usually cook at home (since I'm half Filipina and half Bahraini)

A few minutes after the waitress brought us the appetizers, she and a waiter came with tray of the food that we ordered. Now that's what I call fast service.
When I was looking through the menu, I had no idea what to order, until I saw Sweat and Sour, my favorite.

The dish tasted like any other type of sweat an sour dish, it's sweat and sour. The dish was also served with rice. I had to eat with chopsticks and a spoon, which, I'm grateful wasn't much of challenge. 

After the main course, we decided to have dessert. We asked the waitress if they has any dessert, and she replied saying that they didn't have anything special except for Ice Cream. 
We had the choice of choosing 1-2 flavors of ice cream, and the only available flavors they had were, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla. The three major flavors of ice cream. I chose a Strawberry and Chocolate ice Cream.

It was served in an ice cream glass, with a small twirl of whip cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles and pretzels on the side.
I personally think that pretzels with ice cream isn't a good mix. It's just too salty. Ice cream is great as always, the sprinkles gave it a bit of a crunch. I loved it.

ambiance = appropriate for a normal Asian restaurant
staff = very friendly, was greeted when going in and going out with a bow.
food = delicious 
timing = quick (I loved it)
portion size of dish = good for one - two people, depending on what type of dish you order


For those who live in Bahrain, you can find the restaurant in somewhere in Adliya. I'm so bad with giving out directions. Sorry! 

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