Saturday, May 18, 2013

[Food] Vapiano

Food Post! Food Post! Fooooood Post!

It's been a while since I've done a food post, so here it is! Sorry to keep you all waiting!

This is my third time at Vapiano, and I just randomly decided to review it, since it's one of the new restaurants that opened at the mall. 

Here is the place! It's quite spacious, and open. 
As you walk in the restaurants vicinity, you will need to pass by a counter, and the attendant there will be giving you a card and the menu. The card will be used to sum up all the payments of your order. You will just need to swipe the card on their sensor and the order will be added into the card. When you're ready to pay, you give back the card to the attendant at the counter and pay there. 

The ordering process is similar to how you order fast food, or Yum Yum Tree. You order directly to the chef, and you basically watch the chef cook your meal. You can also choose your own pasta. :) 

The menu is just a long (height wise) card, which has the dishes typed on it back and front.  
They have a normal variety of dishes. The usual Antipasti, Insalate, Pizza, Pasta, and Dolci.

I ordered the Pomodoro E. Spinaci - which was BD 3.500
As you can see in the photos, the pasta width is quite thick with red sauce, baby tomatoes, and spinach topped with parmesan cheese and basil. 

It's quite a big portioned meal. Good enough for two people with small stomachs.
This dish was delicious, everything tasted fresh and not vitamin deprived, but I felt like something was lacking. I didn't get the usual spark I get from food that I really really love and enjoyed. I can say that the spinach and baby tomatoes really added to the dish, in both colors and taste. 

I don't know why but their food always seems to give me a weird unexplainable taste. I'm not sure if it's just the pastas or all of their dishes, but as I consume my meal, I would always taste the same tangy-ish flavor. It isn't unpleasant but I needed to grow on it. 

For a drink I had their fresh orange juice with a slice of orange on the side. It was very refreshing, like any other fresh orange juices out there.

For dessert, I had their Pana Cotta topped with strawberry syrup. 

I've always been fond of Pana Cottas and I do hope to make them myself someday. 
The cream was creamy, sweet, and tasty with a splash of vanilla flavoring. The strawberry syrup really contributes to the panna cotta. Having both the cream and syrup is just the perfect mix of cold sweet and sour sweetness. It was heaven in my mouth. I loved it!

In Conclusion, Vapiano is known for their fresh ingredients and card swiping. Their food is good, and their desserts are even better. I recommend this restaurant to those who want to try something new, and to those who are willing to spend, because it's quite pricy. But beware of when it's filled with customers, because ordering can be nerve wrecking; at least for me.

Vapiano (Italian Cuisine)
Located: Bahrain City Center, 2nd Floor.
Price Range: BD 5 - 10

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  1. Thank you for sharing Nada. I am commenting exactly one year after your post in May 2013.
    I liked the beautiful quotes posted on the main ordering & delievry counter more than anything else.
    Pasta & Pizza are both superb, salad is 'normal'.
    The crockery and decor all are wonderful. It is overall a marvellous place. Just avoid the seats along the main Mall aisle, as everyone passing there wants to count your teeth..


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