Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brilliant Earth's Personality Style Challenge

A couple of days back, the Community Outreach Coordinator at Brilliant Earth invited me to take part in their Personality Style Challenge, and I thought, "oooo this sounds fun! I'll do it!" and emailed her right back with no hesitation saying that I was IN!

We were required to choose a couple of Brilliant Earths jewelry and compile an outfit/look based on that, and as well as basing it on our own theme and/or mood.

Picking my three favorite out of the ton I was given to choose from, I went with simple yet elegant. 

18K White Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings

18K White Gold Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Silver Leaf Pendant with Ethically Sourced Green Sapphire

A red skater dress paired with a thin brown waist belt and a cornelli cream crop-top that is coated with an anorak jacket to bring out the little green sapphire on the necklace. Black tights along with black combat boots to keep the wearer warm, comfy and free. 

To complete this semi grudgy look, I decided to put in some of the gorgeous sapphire that's radiating off that ring, by adding on a simple navy satchel handbag to really complement that sapphire tone. I added in the earrings to staple in a little bit more femininity into the look. It's casual with the jacket and combat boots, and it's elegant with cornelli lace crop-top and of course the gorgeous Brilliant Earth jewelry. 

For those who are unaware of Brilliant Earth, they are a jewel company that provide gorgeous, fine and clean diamond engagement rings, pendants, earrings and others of the sort. (I am serious, the sapphires and diamonds took my breath away, I want one so badly. I don't care, I'll buy myself a ring). They try their best to ethically produce their diamonds and jewels without harming the jewel production industry by recycling gold and platinum and by giving 5% of their profits to communities that have been harmed by the jewel industry. Check out their website to know more and see more of their products. Brilliant Earth. 

Have a great day everyone! xox

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