Monday, January 2, 2012

[Food] Elevation Burger - "Ingredients Matter"

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Elevation Burger just opened in Bahrain a few months ago. It is known for its healthy and organic food.
I went to Elevation Burger for the first time for dinner.
I like their slogan "Ingredients Matter".

When we arrived at the restaurant, the place was already packed. We had to wait a while before of the waiters assisted us. They told us to go and order while they find a place for us to sit. So we did. I ordered a Regular Cheese Burger with a coke. We got our seats a few minutes after.

The burger was good. It tasted like a normal regular cheese burger. Easy to bite through. Very Appealing. As I was eating it, I can taste the organic-ness in it. It is the most healthiest burgers I have ever tasted.

You can add toppings to the burger like, ketchup, mustard, onion, relish, etc. But it will add to the cost. The burger alone cost a lot. The price of the burger is already a meal at a regular fast food restaurant. Its quite expensive.

My sister ordered her burger with fries.

The fries at first glance, isn't very appealing, but since I'm a fries eating maniac, I had to taste them. It tasted very healthy. Not very appealing but tastes good and healthy.

The restaurant all in all was fantastic. Service was fast, environment was great, and food of course was great. As other said, "When you eat the burgers, you don't feel the regret of over eating" and It definitely didn't give me gas later on. I would definitely eat there again.


Elevation Burger Website

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