Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review: Vapiano's Apple Parfiat

Some time ago, my cousin invited me to have lunch at Vapiano. Since it's opening, it's had great reviews, and the locals constantly crave it. At the time, being full of my own lunch an hour before, I decided to just enjoy one of their desserts and tea while my awesome cousin ate her own delicious and mouthwatering pasta right in front of me. It felt like torture, watching her twist her fork into that pasta. 

But alas, when this beautiful creamy looking dessert was put in front of me, my craving for pasta floated away, and my mouth watered just looking at that creamy dessert. Though I am unsure of the exact name of the dish,  I recall that it was a special of the day/week. It looks somewhat like a parfait, and since the main element of flavoring was the apples at the bottom, I'm assuming it's an Apple Parfait. But please correct me if I'm wrong. :) 

The creamy dessert had peeled sweet apples at the bottom, with a thick layer of yogurt and cream, and all topped with chopped walnuts and a point of mint. 

I just went right in there and attacked the thing. The texture of the cream was smooth, and with the apples, a bomb of sweetness exploded in my mouth. The walnuts were chewy and gave the dish the right crunch, along with the apples. 

A great dessert from Vapiano. I recommend this to those with a sweet tooth for apples and crunch. If you enjoy apple pie, you'll enjoy this one.


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