Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dreams into Reality

A person has their own wants, their own dreams, and their own goals. They do what they can, to achieve them, and when they do, happiness follows. There are some of us who use a tool to get what we want, be them material or a form of idealism. Vision Boards.

Ever since my house has been renovated, I've prolonged redoing my vision board for months, and finally, a few weeks ago, I made one and I thought I'd share it with you, with the hopes of maybe inspiring you to make one yourselves.

My vision board has always had these three main sections; Dream Job, Husband/Boyfriend, Health.

Though, at the time, and perhaps right now, I have been unsure of my dream job, so I focused on manifesting the office of my dream job and how I would feel walking to work instead of focusing on the actual industry I want to work under.

Having a happy ending with my one and true love has always stuck with me, and like every single woman out there, I wish for a man to love me and complete my life. I want a hot smexy man, and now.
My weight loss journey is almost at an end, losing almost 18kg in over 3 years, I now plan to live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life. This doesn't mean depriving myself of food I don't want to eat, it just means doing some physical activity and consuming the nutrients my body needs to survive.

Vision boards are created by those who want a glimpse into how they want their future to look like. They are created to help the creators overcome their gigantic bubble of fear and doubt and turn it into a rage, and pure eagerness to achieve the greatness of turning their dreams into reality.
Why don't you guys try making your own vision board? 
What's stopping you?

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