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[Blog Tour + Food/Book Review] Hello Hot Lunch, Hello Cool Lunch by Lisa Leconte

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Hello Hot Lunch, Hello Cool Lunch is now serving 2 books in one. One side is full of fun and über cute hot lunch ideas, tips, and recipes. The flip side serves up fun cold lunch ideas with more tips and recipes. Your family and friends will crown you Royal Lady of Lunches after enjoying your new-found creative foodie genius.


Hello Hot Lunch, Hello Cool Lunch by Lena Leconte. When I first received this cookbook for review, I was skimming through the recipes and when I got to the middle the pages appeared to be flipped, then I realized that is whats fun about this book. It's divided into 2 categories, Hot Lunches and Cool Lunches, and the way it's divided is that half of the book is flipped upside down. 

Do you have kids, and have no idea what lunch to make them for school? Are you tired of your boring old lunches that you see everyday? This is definitely the book for you! 

This cookbook if filled with different kinds of lunch recipes that are simple and the ingredients can be found everywhere. Plus it's kind of healthy. From rice to soups to sandwiches. This has great recipes for everyone to try out new flavors in the form of common lunch meals. 

All of the recipes in this book look quite hard to make, based on the pictures, but honestly, they are really easy. They just look hard and complicated. Just by adding a little bit of food coloring or cutting up cute shapes and animals out of cheese helps make your lunch look happy and creative, and kind of worth eating. And if you have kids, and you make these dishes for them, they will definitely love it.

These small lunches can also be served at picnics, or small parties - okay now I'm talking about the sandwiches. It may take some time to make a whole bunch for about 10 people, but it's worth it. You'll get so much praise from it, and the food will tastes twice as good.

This is a cookbook to get if you want to add a bit of creativity to your regular packed lunches. It has cute and simple tips, and you can make cutouts to help you with shaping your cuttable ingredients like cheese.

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