Monday, July 1, 2013

[Fashion] Beach Party Look

Beach Party Look
Beach Party Look by anglelight

My idea of a beach party is beach volleyball, tanning, great music, dancing, a little bit of drinking, and swimming. I went to my first beach party a few days ago. I know, I'm 19 and I haven't even gone to a beach party, blah blah, whatever. I never really had the chance okay!

 It was 4 hours until the party, and I had no idea what to wear. I went threw my closets entire summer section and after an hour, my room was mess and I still didn't know what to wear. So I googled.

Got some ideas and began compiling my outfits up and ended up with 3 different outfits.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when going to the beach
1. There is going to be sand - and lots of it! (Flip flops or sandals)
2. It's going to be hot and the sun will probably be burning (Sunscreen & SPF)
3. You will probably get wet (Extra clothes & a towel)

When I arrived at the party, there was sand everywhere! and not just a thin layer or sand that you can easily walk in, I'm talking about sand that you literally have to hike in. I was planning on wearing my converse, but I'm so happy I stuck with sandals.

The outfit up top, is basically what I decided to wear. But I added a dress over my shorts because my shorts felt too short and I had a flowy top over that just incase it got a little windy during the night. The bikini is optional; most people wore it just for the sake of it, even if they won't get in the water.

Other accessories are optional. I brought a small purse with me since I was going to be walking around a lot more than sitting in one spot.

So that's that! Hope you all like it! Because I do.
I am totally loving my white shorts this summer!

What clothing piece are you all loving this summer?

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