Friday, December 27, 2013

[Books] Self-help Books: Do they really help?

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Self help books are supposed to be there to help you without spending more than $500 for a psychiatrist per session. They are cheap indirect professional help. They are text books basically.

And it's the life related self-help kind of books that I want to focus on because they have a huge impact on, well, our lives. They're supposed to make our lives a much better one.

During my lifetime I've read my fair share of self-help books, especially during my high school and the beginning of my university years. I felt like I needed a little push to keep me positive and to keep me moving towards the right direction. I've read positivity books, weight loss books, spiritual books, and relationship books, and though I don't agree with what some of them say, I do give them all a chance to make my life better to live through.

But the big question is, "Did they help?" did they provide the "self-help" assistance that we needed?

I just have to honestly say that the self-help books that I've read definitely improved my life, well, a couple of them have.

So my answer to the question "Do they really help?" Yes, some books do help, but it's all up to the reader to take the given help and advice and use it to their advantage.

My readers, my friends, I direct the question to you. Have you every read a self-help book that had a great impact in your life? Have they changed how you see the world in anyway? Did they help you? 

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