Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[Books] Keeping Score ~ A Guide to Love & Relationships by Marc Brackett

Started on: September 16, 2012
Finished on: September 17, 2012

It's a relationship book even a man can understand.

Keeping Score provides a relationship evaluation quiz followed by a common sense guide for relationship improvement, all with a humorous twist. You can determine if your relationship has the qualities it takes for a successful marriage and lasting love affair. If you're single- read this book to see how well your potential life partner measures up. If you're married- read this book to reduce conflict and increase your happiness.

Take control and shape your union into a relationship that will stand the trials of life and go the distance.

Keeping Score is a self help book about relationships, how to deal with them and what to expect from both sides of the relationships. Whether you're in a relationship or not, this book will help you prepare for what will come in the future of your relationship or your future relationships.

This is my second Self-help relationship book I've read, and there wasn't much difference between the two. Keeping Score is interesting because it give you insight in what a relationship will probably be like in 4 years or 10 years.

I personally took the quiz that was in the beginning of the book, even though I'm not in a relationship. I took it and answered it in a way that shows how and what I want my ideal partner to be like and how we are with each other. The results came out with a score of 89. Which is great. I know that this quiz is only for those who are in relationships because of the questions given, but I can say that if I were in a relationship, the results would be accurate, because it all makes sense to me.

This book appeals to both women and men. It doesn't matter if they're single or in a relationship. Even though Keeping Score revolves around a short quiz at the beginning of the book to evaluate ones relationship, it still gives advice to single ladies and gents about what to expect and what to do in a relationship, how to think, and how to deal with things.

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