Saturday, September 8, 2012

[Food] Dome, World's Finest Coffees

Good Day Readers!! 
I had dinner at Dome last night and decided to review it! xD
Location: Juffair, Bahrain
Price range: 10-15BD

Dome Café is a café and restaurant that serves all kind of food like Burgers and Pasta. they have a wide variety of food on the menu which is great. 

 Whole Experience

We were greeted at the door, which is a good. We chose where to sit. I always liked a restaurant that's big and cosy and Domes environment did give out a cosy vibe. 

We took a while to decide but we eventually did and in the end we all decided to have these. 

6 Dishes for 4 people. 

We were worried that we won't be able to finish our food but in the end we did. xD 
The dishes we all had were:

Penne Bolognese
Omelete with Bacon bits
Caesar Salad 
French Toast 
Creamy Chicken Penne Pasta 

Vanilla Shake 
Iced Mocha
English Breakfast tea

The Food Experience
It took quite a while for them to deliver our food. 
We received our drinks at first, and I had the Iced Mocha

It is something that you had to mix together to get all the flavor blended. The whipped cream on top tasted delish. The drink took quite a few more stirs to actually blend well. Once blended, it produced a taste of strong coffee topped with cream, which it was. It is no different from other Iced Mocha drinks i've tried. 

My cousin and I were sharing the french toast while she had her Salad and I my Creamy Chicken Penne. 

The French Toast was absolutely delicious. It is topped with boiled blue berries and cranberries sauce and Crème fraîche. The only thing I didn't like were the berries. I think they should stay fresh. The berries lost their delicious taste once it touches heat. But the crème fraîche and the toast tasted delish. I adored it.

My Creamy Penne Chicken Pasta was topped with mushrooms and tomatoes. It was not as creamy as I thought it would be. The baby tomatoes in the dish made it twice as delicious. But I think with a little bit more cream would do the trick to making it perfect. 

Lets Conclude
We wanted to catch a waiter or waitress to get our bill but every time my cousin tried to catch them they either couldn't hear her or would just ignore. Eventually we go their attention and got our bill. Spent about 27BD for all the 6 dishes plus drinks. 

My entire experience at Dome Cafe Restaurant was moderate. The service was average, nothing much to complain about. And the food was delicious with a little needed tweaks here and there. 

I would recommend Dome Cafe Restaurant to anyone who enjoys a cosy mid-lighted environment and delicious food plus an all day breakfast. 

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