Sunday, September 16, 2012

[Fashion] Fashion's Night Out (FNO) Tee

Hello readers!!

I got my FNO tee in the mail a week ago and
I know I'm like 2 weeks late but whatever. 

Here it is - 

Size: Medium 
Price: $25.00
Store: Saks Fifth Avenue 

I was so excited when I the mail man came! I literally ran down the stairs screaming "Mail! Mail! Mail! FNO tee is here!!" 

I actually bought 3 - for me, and my two sisters.

I went crazy for two days looking at online stores searching for this, because they were all sold out, EVERYWHERE!
I then finally found it in the Saks Fifth Avenue website! It was a bit expensive because I was buying 3 and because of shipping but it's worth it. 

Another great thing about this tee is that 40% of what I payed for goes to the New York City AID fund! 

Unfortunately, I don't think you cant get these anymore, because it's a limited edition and because Fashion's Night Out is over.

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