Sunday, November 4, 2012

[Book] The Tree With No Branches by Johnny Knew

Started & Finished on: November 4 2012

In the heart of the Full-Of-Pride forest lives a tree without any leaves, blossoms or even a single branch. Teased and bullied for being different, what is this simple tree to do? Get ready to watch some leaves get rustled as you embark on a trunk-warming tale of gargantuan proportions. The Tree With No Branches is a story about love, courage, and growing where it counts. Hold onto your petunias because the most funtastical story that's ever been told is about to unfold and is sure to take you and your imagination on the log ride of your life! The Tree With No Branches, by Johnny Knew, is the first of 6 books to be released by CutiePie Publishing. With the depth of Shel Silverstein and the rhythmic pulse of Dr. Seuss, Johnny Knew has created a world without boundaries that touches the heart, mesmerizes the mind and delivers a smile. . . leaving us all wanting more.

This is a cute little book that tells a story about a tree who is different from every-tree else because he had no branches at all. Every tree in the forest made fun of him, said mean things about him, and bragged about how great they all were because of their beautiful branches and leaves while the one with no branches had none.

I loved this 23 page book! It is just too cute. It teaches little kids, and also everyone who reads this, not to judge every book by its cover, or in this case, don't judge a tree by how many branches it has. 

The illustrations look very detailed and of course, appropriate for a children's book. The way it was written was great, the rhyming is always a great addition. 

All in all, I loved this short children's book. It was an easy read, very creative, well illustrated, well written, and it teaches the reader or the listener many things. I recommend every mom and dad to buy this book for your kid/s and read it to them before bed. 

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