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[Books] Blog Tour: Guest Post from Lesley Philips

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I come baring a guest post from Dr. Lesley Phillips, the author of an adventurous fantasy novel, The Midas Tree, to help us be more familiar with what it's like in The Midas Tree. Their food, fashion, and literature.

Author Biography 

Dr. Lesley Phillips is a speaker, author, workshop leader, meditation teacher, healer and clairvoyant reader.

She began her career as a PhD scientist and business woman in the biotechnology industry. However Lesley was always interested in meditation and spirituality and she developed her abilities in parallel to her busy career.

Before coming to Canada in 1998 she trained in meditation, healing and clairvoyance at the School of Insight and Intuition, Richmond UK. She was also a member of The Rainbow Bridge Dream Work Group where, she explored dream incubation, dream re-entry, astral travel, shamanic journeying and dream symbol interpretation. Earlier in her spiritual journey she received much guidance and experienced many premonitions through her dreams, having kept a dream diary since childhood.

Much of her formal spiritual training was at the CDM Spiritual Teaching Center in Seattle, where she was mentored by renowned author and speaker Mary Ellen Flora. She graduated as an ordained minister in 2003 and from the centers teaching program in 2005, when she began teaching classes and workshops for CDM Vancouver. She also holds private and corporate meditation workshops.

Subsequently Dr. Phillips has taught counseled over a 1000 individuals and presented at over 100 live events. She is known as a caring, gifted teacher and speaker that brings out the best in people.

Guest Post

Books, Fashion and Food in the Midas Tree

The Midas Tree is a spiritual adventure novel, so when it came time to write this guest blog, I wondered what I could write about that would be a really good fit for a blog on books, fashion and food. I didn’t have to think very long, because all three of these are included in The Midas Tree in very interesting ways.

The Midas Tree and Fashion

There are many characters in The Midas Tree, but one of the main types of characters the fairy-like nature spirits, called devas. Each one is responsible for a different realm within the tree and presides over both its biological function as well as an ancient mystical secret that helps the tree function on a spiritual level.

These devas have a funky fashion sense. If you don’t believe me take a look here. Devadne, a deva of the root system dresses in a skirt and bikini top that are woven from the finest roots and root hairs of the tree. A companion in the root system, in charge of water transport, is called Deverall. He dresses in a tunic made from the light inner bark of the tree. He has a belt of bark and a long hosepipe made from tree root for plumbing emergencies he encounters during his work with the roots.

Other devas that live in different part of the tree dress in leaves and flowers. For example the flower deva, called Devalicious, wears high heeled clogs and a dress both made from wood and decorated with brightly painted flowers that are made from colored sugar. Devandra is the deva who lives in the tree canopy and oversees photosynthesis. He dresses in a little jacket and pants made from leaves and sewn together with vine fronds. His belt is made from a strip of supple bark from the tree and he has pointy toed little boots and a little green hat with a feather.

The Midas Tree and Food

What do these interesting characters eat? I hear you ask. Well the Midas Tree is a cornucopia of different tastes and smells. It is a magical tree and so all four seasons are contained within the tree at once and there is not just one type of fruit or flower, but many. It is replete with all kinds of herbs to make teas and potions and add flavor. As well there is fruit of any kind that you can imagine and honey. Even better there are hybrid fruits that are a cross between anything you can imagine such as, Orango’s, Mangages, Bananonuts and more.

If that is not enough to wet your appetite, there is also a magical substance stored on the walls of the inner bark, called the manna of The Midas Tree. It is a bland white substance, but when you put it in your mouth and imagine what you want to eat, it instantly takes on the taste and texture of whatever it is you are imagining. Joshua the hero of the book delights in the culinary tastes and flavors he is able to explore.

The Midas Tree and Literature

The Midas Tree has a resident poet laureate, who speaks in rhyme and is the master of an ancient runic language used within the domain of the tree. The hero Joshua has to learn to decode this ancient language so that he can find his way around the tree.

So there you have it. If you are a follower of books, fashion and food “The Midas Tree” has all of your favorite things and will hopefully have something to satisfy your desires.

Dr. Lesley Phillips is a speaker, author, workshop leader, spiritual and meditation teacher based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Her book “The Midas Tree,” a spiritual adventure story for children of all ages is available on Amazon as a paperback or e-book. She can be reached at:-
Twitter: @DrLesleyP

I hope you all enjoyed this guest post, and got an insight of the Devas living in The Midas Tree, what they eat and wear. I certainly enjoyed it! 

Thank you Dr. Phillips for having you here! Glad to have you!

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