Saturday, November 24, 2012

[Books] The Midas Tree by Dr. Lesley Phillips


Joshua lives in the Garden Of Color and Light, an idyllic paradise where he is always playing and having fun. Each day is like any other, until he finds a magical golden acorn that enraptures him and propels him on an incredible adventure. After being guided to chase the acorn as it flies through the garden, Joshua discovers a door at the base of a tree; and once he enters his life changes for ever.

It is an adventure story, a guidebook for personal spiritual unfolding and even includes lessons about biology and nature. It is a book that parents can enjoy reading with their children or that teachers can share with their classes to introduce them to internal self awareness. The Midas Tree is a book of light that offers techniques that can help all people cope when they are going through difficult times in their lives; as well as illuminating the path to personal enlightenment in a fun and entertaining way.

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The Midas Tree about a boy named Joshua who happens to find a way into what seems like another world, inside the Midas Tree. And his only way out is to learn the ways of those living the Midas Tree. Joshua journeys on and learns new and different things, goes through stuggles and assist those in need, just to find his way out. But, will he want to go after all that he has learned? Will he stay?

The Midas Tree is a great bed time story book for kids of any ages. It's adventurous and informative about the ways of the earth and the ways of the mind.

The creatures that live in the Midas Tree and the creatures that Joshua comes across all seem very very creative, and they all seem to really know their stuff and are all eager to help, which is a great inspiration and role model for the young ones reading this, even if they're just creatures.

Throughout the book, Joshua is taught how to mediate to manifest what he really needs to survive. And one quote that I really like and that really inspired me:

“Let all your doubts and disbeliefs flow away down your grounding. In fact, create a rose and place anything that says you cannot have your creation into this rose, and then explode it. Keep creating and exploding roses, until all your doubts have disappeared.” - Devany - Pg 240

This line taught me that when in doubt, imagine or a rose and place all that doubt in that rose and explode it. It's funny, but it's a surprisingly great way to release doubts.

The art work in the beginning of every chapter is spectacular. It's cute, creative and it really speaks about the chapter.

The Midas Tree, is an informative magical book that teaches one the power of the mind and the ways of how the earth is. I recommend this book to absolutely anyone who enjoys reading about adventures and knowing more of the mind and our world in a unique point of view.

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