Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Books] Adudan by Dario Giardi

Started on: November 6, 2012
Finished on: November 13, 2012

"Only when you no longer fear death will you be able to write your own destiny"

Marcel lives on a small island off the coast of Brittany. He dreams of becoming a famous writer but in his dreams he discovers his destiny and his true identity.
A dream journey that takes him to the magical world of Atlas. There he finds out that he was Railen, the elite guard of princess Adudan.

For Marcel those visions are the first piece of a story whose roots go back to the dawn of time.
Memory by memory, he begins to piece together his past, narrating to us the events that forced him to part with his beloved Adudan.

Dogged and constantly threatened by the Draconians, a cruel alien civilisation, the two lovers must separate in order to protect the Crystal of Atlas.
But they can’t run forever, the day will come when the Draconians manage to track down the Crystal; and when that day comes mankind will have to be ready and trained to defend itself and write its own destiny.

I was given this book to review almost a month ago and I finally had the chance to finish it! 

Adudan is an urban-fantasy romance debut novel by Dario Giardi. It is about two people who are in love, Railen and his princess Adudan. They were forced to separate but then find their way back to each other. 

The way the book was written was excellent, it made it an easy read. The details were great, everything was straight to the point, but the only things I really craved for is the details when it came to the fight scenes. I thought that needed a little bit more detail because I felt like something was missing or it wasn't enough. 

The story line was original and it is the reason why I would pick this up from the shelf and read. It's romantic, adventurous, and absorbing.  And one quote that I really loved was:

"My home was in her arms. Her home was in my embrace" - pg 137 

The book cover really speaks on what's inside the book but doesn't really reveal all it's content. It's a good cover but I don't think it will be the reason why I would pick this up from the shelves.  

In conclusion to this review, I really enjoyed Adudan, I loved the way it began, I loved the way it ended. It was an engrossing and easy read. And I recommend this book to those who love reading about forbidden romance or romance in general and those who enjoy reading about fantasy. 

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