Sunday, November 4, 2012

[Books] Roost by Jasmine Winterson

Started on: October 21 2012
Finished on: November 4 2012

Four urban refugees move west, haunted by echoes of a tangled conspiracy. Colorado’s Western Slope and the fertile beauty of the Grand Valley beckon with the promise of new beginnings.

As the women seek to find their place in this seeming paradise, partnership with gutsy local Anna Garcia opens their eyes to an unsettled region torn by natural resource and labor wars.

For the men, a mountain biking trip with Olympian Derek Draben transforms their plans into a much broader vision of glory.

Time passes … relationships grow … until a chance meeting in the desert reminds everyone that the past lives on ... and does not forget.

A story of struggle, intrigue and redemption, Roost is Jasmine Winterson’s second novel. It is a compelling journey through the landscapes of the human experience and the American West

I received this book for review a month ago and I finally got the time to read it.

The storyline revolves around a group of friends that want new beginning and the concept of mountain biking.

I enjoyed this book, it was interesting and was an easy read. I really liked how the narrater shifts between friends and that they all had different but similar story lines which are all connected.

The love the cover. It really shows what the book is about, which is a plus point.

Roost was a good book; an easy, fun and slightly exciting read. It is a book that made my heart race towards the ending. The only thing that I found lacking is the details on the antagonists. I didin't know much about them and I would really be interested to know their backstory.

Other than that, Roost is a great book that I enjoyed and that I recommend to those who enjoy reading around races, romance and a bit of mystery.

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