Monday, November 11, 2013

[Books] 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 6 - Book Shopping

Today feels like a blah day for me, but anyways, here goes! 
This is the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge that was created by April from Good Books & Good Wine. It is basically posting up random post with questions from the photo down bellow. It's all pretty fun so far, so come and join us!

Day 6 - Describe how you shop for books

This is how I go book shopping, through Book Depository. Gotta love that free shipping. For those of you who don't know what book depository is, it's a site where you can buy books at a fair price with free shipping. They ship worldwide. Because of them, I only resort to buy books online instead of going to the bookstore. 
Check them out -

The bookstores where I'm in (Bahrain), 1.) don't have the books that I want, or when they do, it's the second or third book instead of the first. 2.) they are a little bit over priced. I would get a book at book depository for $10 and get it from the bookstore at $18. I don't even care that it takes almost a month or so for the book to get here, as long as it gets here and I get to read it. xD

But when I physically shop for books from the actual bookstore. I would browse through the entire fiction area than move to cookbooks and lifestyle area. And after all that browsing, I would just walk out of the shop with only one book. 

How do you go book shopping? 
I'd love to read about it! 

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