Tuesday, November 5, 2013

[Fashion] Love for Burgundy

Love for Burgundy

Oh waw.
Two fashion posts in a row! I'm saying this because it doesn't happen too often as it should xD

It's fall in most places of the world, and in the country I'm residing in unfortunately has only two seasons, Summer and Winter, of course it has the occasional rain and sandstorms every so often. Oh how I wish for Bahrain to have Spring and Autumn, but these things are what they are.

Ever since October struck, the colors, red, maroon and burgundy or basically any other shade of dark crimson red, has been catching my eye. And fortunate for me, I was hunting for the perfect graduation dress at the time, so what better way to feed my slight craving to buy something burgundy than a burgundy graduation dress. Oh how I love that dress, though I can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet. o.O

Burgundy would look great with warmer tones like beiges and browns, and of course black goes with everything. Also a splash of gold or rose gold will look tremendous for a fancy night time look. Burgundy always seems to look much better during the evening time, don't you all think so?

Hope you're all having a great November so far! xoxo

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