Thursday, November 28, 2013

Graduation Day 2013

Last night was my graduation day. It was the night I officially graduated from university with a Bachelors Degree in Business Informatics and was awarded Magna Cum Laude. I've been waiting since December 2012 for this very night.

I wasn't excited for it at all. I dressed up and did my make up and everything!

Dress | H&M - Similar but in black
Shoes | Forever 21 - Desert Cool Booties
Jacket | Thrifted - Similar

These photo's were taken by my mom with her phone. Thanks mom! 

As some of you may know, I've been hunting for my perfect graduation dress, and alas I've found it. I paired this burgundy chiffon dress with dark brown ankle high boots and a dark jacket that I'm holding. I got only one good shot of me and my dress alone :( Oh and please ignore how my feet were positioned in the first photo, I have no idea why I was standing like that.

Standing next to and around me are my sisters and brother. Both my sisters graduated along side me as well! Three siblings graduating on the same day, how cool is that! The photo on the left starts with (left-right) my eldest sister Nasreen, my other older sister Najla and then me. On the far end is my younger brother Naser. We're in order (eldest to youngest)!

Thank you to my cousin Yasmeen for this photo!
(I'm in the front row, the 5th person from the right. Look for the boots!)

The graduation ceremony lasted about 2-3 hours and there were about 700+ students so it took almost an hour and a half to announce them all as well as for them to receive their certificates. 

During our practices, the professors ordered everyone to stay quiet during the ceremony and forbade us all from wooing, booing, laughing, shouting, and basically from catcalling. And during the ceremony, from the very beginning, the students at the back started to WOOOO and whistle for the entire night. The look on the professors faces when they started were priceless. Though it may have slightly ruined the solemnity of ceremony, the catcalling and etc by the random students specifically from my course (Business Informatics) made it a fun and memorable one. Thank you guys. 

From having very average grades in high school to being up front with the honor students as Magna Cum Laude at university. If you told me that I would get Magna Cum Laude when I was in high school, I would have definitely believed you. "Oh waw! Really? I'm going to be that good? Awesome" is what I would say. 

Getting this award, honestly doesn't mean much to me. I'm saying this because I want to be about 80% honest with my readers, if there are any...hello?. Those three and half years attending AMAIUB went by so fast like a race car at the F1, and the memories I had during my time at university are something I will always cherish. Someone once told me "Going to university was one of the best times of my life" and at first I didn't believe nor understood him; I was in my second or third year of high school at the time, until now. Going to university was one of the best times of my life. Thanks to the people of course. xD 


By the end of the night, I was exhausted from smiling, my hair was frizzy and I desperately needed to take out my eyes (my contact lenses). So we went home to take some more group family photos, I took off my contacts, put my hair up and blotted my oily face. I felt so much better. The things we go through to look beautiful, I swear! 

The night ended at a restaurant called "Passions Restaurant and Lounge"; which I decided to review and will be up in a couple of days. It was a very simple family dinner; plus my sisters' boyfriends. Quiet, relaxing and eventful. 

It was a night to remember. I received many congratulations and said as many thank you's as possible. I am happy and grateful to finally close this chapter of my life and finally feel free to start a new one without a voice telling me "you didn't officially graduate yet". Thank you to everyone who has helped me get where I am today. 

As it is also thanksgiving to my dear American readers. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! May you all enjoy stuffing your faces with turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy! 

Have a great day everyone!

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