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[Fashion] What to wear for Graduation Day

Hello there dearies! 

I've been waiting a long long time for this day come. Since December 2012 to be somewhat more precise. I officially took all the exams I needed to take to get my Business Degree and waited almost a year for this Graduation Ceremony to arrive. 

How my university infuriates me to hell, I don't know how I've and the entire student body pulled through, but I am happy to be almost done with it once and for all. 

A month ago, when the graduation date was officially announced, I literally freaked out and started thinking of what I can wear. My sister, my good friend Sasha and I, made a date to go dress shopping, and oh boy was it frustrating. All three of us couldn't find the perfect one. 

It's really funny because when we all separately went shopping a few weeks after that day, we all found our ideal graduation dress.  But before that, trust me, I was completely blank and irritated because I had absolutely no idea what type of dress I wanted to get. I spent days thinking about it and I've even had dreams about it because I was so anxious.

So I made it easier for myself and made a pinterest board filled with all university graduation type dresses that I thought suitable for the event. Graduation Dresses

Now before we get into what type of dress to wear, we need to consider a few things:

Where exactly is the ceremony going to be held? 

In a hall at a hotel
In the middle of field
In the school gym
In the school auditorium

It's not only the dress I'm worried about, it's the shoes. If it's a field with grass or sand, expect your stilettos to sink. Try out some flats, a chunky heel, wedges, or heeled boots. Otherwise, any other type of heels/flats will do well on tiled or carpeted floors. :3 

Is it going to be cold? Is it going to be raining? Is it going to be hot and humid? 

Now we don't want to be sweating inside and probably through our togas for a couple of hours, nor do we want to freeze. Unless there will be proper air conditioning or cool but not freezing weather, then your good. 

Check your weather forecast on the week of your Grad day and hope for the best. Dress your best for yourself and the weather! xD 

Your Purse
Now ladies, the dilemma of leaving your phone, wallet, etc. with your family or keeping them with you for the entire ceremony. 

If you want to bring your things with you, keep them to a minimum - phone, wallet, lip balm, tissue. 
You don't want to be carrying around a huge bag of your things on top of your toga, so just have a clutch with a thin strap or a chain strap to go inside your toga. (sneaky sneaky) Or if you're lucky enough, you'll find your ideal dress with pockets! Don't we all love dresses with pockets, because I know I do! xD

Okay okay, on to the dresses. 
What to wear
So here are a bunch of dresses that I found Graduation Day appropriate. xD

Be them sleeveless, or long sleeved
They are the perfect choice if you want to show off your curvy slender body and give out that intellectual and professional look. It's perfect for the office too.   

Now this lacy navy dress with a slight pleated skirt is perfect in my opinion. Basically anything with a slightly pleated or a basic pleated skirt is perfect for a graduation ceremony.

Here we have a whole variety of dresses that can spike up your inspiration. 

Graduation Dresses

A tip: If your toga is black, keep your dress any other color besides black. Imagine you're dress and toga blending in together, if you're alright with that, then go for it!

With the perfect dress, comes the perfect pair of shoes!

High School or College/University graduation day. After this day it's time for you to go out into the real world and be who you've trained to become.

I hope this helped! :3 
Good Luck Ladies!

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