Friday, November 15, 2013

[Books] 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 10 - What book to read next

This is the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge that was created by April from Good Books & Good Wine. It is basically posting up random post with questions from the photo down bellow. It's all pretty fun so far, so come and join us!

Day 10 - How do you choose what book to read next?

Oh this is an easy one.

I usually pick the next book I read by how the book makes me feel (it's all about feelings for me). When I read the summary and if it gets me all hyped up and excited. That's how I know it's the perfect next book that I'll be reading.

Also when a book just arrived in the mail. It's all so new and unread and when you fan the pages it lets out that new-book-smell, it just makes me want to ruffle all it's pages and read it!

It's all about feeling excited. If a book gets me excited, it's the one! I don't know why but choosing the next book to read seems like a ritual of some sort...hahaha

How do you guys pick what book to read next? o.O
Is it similar to how I do it? 


  1. For me it depends on my mood. I need to feel "the call", so to speak, I have to pick the book that in that particular moment has the right vibe. So basically it's all about feelings, indeed! ;)

    1. Exactly! It's the vibe you feel with the book that does the trick! It's a connection! xD


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