Monday, December 12, 2011

Blog for all, that's why Interested in ALL

I have decided......*imitates Tree bread from LOTR2*
Yes, I have decided to turn my blog; not that it kind of already is, into a Blog when I post all types for things. They will be categorizes into:

  • Drama/Series (New release of Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese drama, and TV Series, my certain views on the series, etc)
  • Books (New release of books, Books I would like to read, Challenges, my reviews)
  • Fashion (I think I'm just going to be posting the Outfit of the day, and the clothes I buy)
  • Food (Dishes that I make, Reviews on dishes that i taste, new dishes, Food shows, recipes)
  • Music (mostly Japanese pop and sometimes rock, reviews, updates)
As you notice, I have already been posting up my Outfits of the day. They aren't as good, but, I'm still working on it. Winter ain't my season to dress up. 

Note the name of the blog; "Interested in ALL". I just realized what that really meant and what I can really do with that name. Awesome. 

I'm thinking of posting videos as well...hmm.. still thinking. 
Also thinking of doing a separate food blog, but I guess this will do
This will still remain as my personal blog. I think...we'll see. xD

That's it. I'll be looking forward to the recent changes on my blog
Love all everyone. 

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