Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[Music] Jin Akanishi's Seasons PV

Jin Akanishi, to release his 2nd Single in Japan; entitled Seasons, on December 28th 2011; which is very very soon. 
Jin recently topped the Oricon Weekly Charts with his American Debut single, Test Drive featuring Jason Derulo, 
The PV of the song Seasons, was released, and what do you think of it? here is a link Seasons PV

What I think of it? 
I watched the PV preview that was released, and I was already excited for the single. But when I watched the full PV, I found the cute to go with my excitement. As Jin commented"Its not only a love song between couples, but a song to express your love towards families and friends, and all types of love." And I agree with him. Its a very good song
The little girl is suppose to be Jin's daughter I think. He makes a good father. I kind of fell for him for that whole PV...but..
Is it me, or does his Japanese accent sound a bit unnatural to you? It took me time to realize he was singing in Japanese. He has been spending too much time speaking English, its changing his Japanese accent. 
The setting of the PV was great, the editing was great, the song was great. Over all i think it was a marvelous PV and I am super excited for the release of the single. 


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