Saturday, December 24, 2011

[Books, Review] A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James

I absolutely adore this book.
Even if i took my time reading it, I loved it.

Kate Daltry; the heroin and Cinderella of the story, She is a strong, doesn't give a damn about anyone's opinion, will do as she's told; even if she doesn't want to, and knows nothing about romance.

Her Stepmother, Mariana, wasn't much of meany as I expected, she was mean, but not to the extent that she'll actually chop someones head off. Mariana would do anything for her daughter.

Her stepsister, Victoria, is a sweet loving girl, also not what I expected for a retelling of Cinderella. Victoria is such a sweet, someone clueless girl, who is extremely nice to her stepsister Kate. Her and Kate has a good sister-sister relationship. I like Victoria. I'm so glad there was only one stepsister involved not two.

Victoria's fiance Algie, he enjoys fashion. I think of him as some what of sissy, but I know he loves dear Victoria deeply.

Kates Godmother, Henry, She is awesome. I just love her. She brought the happy ending.

Gabriel. Oh gosh!! Gabriel. Such a typical hot and sexy playboy prince. I like how Eloisa James made him foreign. It adds to his sexiness. xD

His brother Berwick. (I named my phone after him. xD) I just adore him.

The story line in general was fantastic. This is my first actual historical romance book that I actually payed attention to. And finished in less than a month.

My first Eloisa James book, and I already think she's an amazing author.

I can't wait to read the next of the Fairy Tales series.


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