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[Music] [Single] Kis-my-ft2 - We Never Give up

Kis-my-ft2's 2nd Single "We never give up!" released in Japan on December 14th 2011. Their debut on August 2011 with their first single "Everybody Go!" made them a great success instantly, and with their 2nd single out in the market, I bet the fans went crazy.

I have been a Kis-my-ft2 (kisumai) fan since 2009. Before they debuted, they have been together for years. Their unreleased songs were great, I loved watching their performances over and over. Ever since I found them, and got into them, I've been dying for them to debut. But not just me, many other fans as well.
When they did debut on August 2011, I was very happy and proud of them. I bought all 3 Types of the available CD's Limited Edition.

As I watched the Everybody Go PV, I noticed, that Kitayama Hiromitsu, Fujigaya Taisuke, and Tamamori Yuta, are at the front of the group while the other 4 look like backup dancers. I know that the 3 are main singers of the group but at least give the other 4 something else to sing besides the chorus!. Not only in performances but also in songs. In their Everybody Go single, if you listen and watch the performances carefully, you will notice that it is only KiF&T singing the main parts while the S (Senga Kento) M (Miyata Toshiya) Y (Yokoo Wataru) & 2 (Nikaido Takashi) sings the chorus and dances behind the 3. I was shocked that they debuted as 3:4 members, not 7 members. I'm sure its not only me who disagrees with the placement and inequality of the members.

In the end i got over it and hoped that they will fully show in SMY&2 in the future.
I don't mean to bash one of my favorite groups, but it's true. (I hate myself for just saying what I said, but it can't be helped)

Lets talk about the Single and PV
The Promotional Video (PV)
I watched the PV. argh...the PV....
The concept was great, but i expected that in this single the members would have equality... nope.SMY&2 still look like backup dancers. If people who don't know them watches it, they would really think that they were backup dancers.

Again, the concept of the PV was great, I loved the snow. The routine was great, they were all in formation, and all in sequence. I know they worked hard on the routine, because as Kitayama commented "It's a surprisingly hard routine so maybe it'll be hard for the fans to copy it xD." (credit to loveandcoffee for the translation, Thank you) I liked the outfits of the KiF&T, but please give SMY&2 better ones, its just too plain, they are apart of the group as well you know! *points at costume artist*

The Single
The single is consists of 3 main songs:

  • We never give up!
  • Kis-my-Venus
  • Love is you
We never give up, being the title of the single, is a great song, a very catchy one too. I love the melody, I love the lyrics. It gives everyone motivation and inspiration never to give up.Which is their main goal. After listening to it, I can't stop singing and dancing to it. 

Kis-my-Venus, I'm guessing it represents Japan. The spelling of J.A.P.AN in the intro and the lyrics "We are here for you Japan." and "Love, Dream, Courage, Future" It tells the people of Japan to keep moving forward. I like it. Its a great song. The lyrics means a lot in many ways  (even if I don't really understand half of it). Its a great addition to the We never give up! Single

Love is you, a love song. <3 Its a mellow/a bit up beat song. Good for the audience to dance to during concerts. It's a good song, not as good as We never give up!. Not to be offensive, but it sounds like a typical JE song. *runs away*

The single in conclusion I would give it a 4/5 stars. Its missing one star because of the 3:4 formation again. -.- (I blame it all on the manager. he should google the word "TEAM WORK")

I am looking forward to their future releases.

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  1. hey, there...
    i need to say i am 99% agree with your review here...
    it's a deep pain watching those 4 at the back...
    juz one tiny little thing, we cannot consider T as one of the main singers i guess, he doesn't sing...oh well, juz few words but he doesn't contributing in making the songs more beautiful...
    Ki's & F's voices are more than enough...and S's voice is the one that should be there...
    good job...

  2. i also felt the bias for kitayama, fujigaya and tamamori..i was really hurt to see senga, yokoo, miyata and nikaido just looking like back-up hurts to see them looking so plain when K, F and T were all looking so good in their costumes..they are a GROUP. ALL of THEM should be EQUAL..that is why their group is called KIS-MY-FT2..i'm so sorry, even if i love the group so much..i am still hurting for the bias for the three. i LOVE the WHOLE group.ALL of THEM.

  3. I'm still miffed that Kis-My-Venus sounds nothing like VENUS xD

    I think everyone pretty much hates the 3/4 thing, even the fans with Hiro, Taipi, or Tama as their favorites. Hopefully as time goes on things will even out ^^

    --"Not to be offensive, but it sounds like a typical JE song. "--
    Two things, here...
    1) Kis-My-Ft2 are not under the JE label... xD
    2) Assuming you meant "johnnys" (or such~) I don't really get how that is a bad thing?

    Oh, and WOW! You've had this blog since 2007?? *applause* (<-- really bad at upkeeping blogs that aren't her livejournal)

    Thanks for the post~ Reviews are always interesting to read :3


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