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[Music] My Kis-my-ft2 article

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Group name was derived from the 7 members last names. Kitayama Hiromitsu, Senga Kento, Miyata Toshiya, Yokoo Wataru, Fujigaya Taisuke, Tamamori Yuta & 二 Nikaido Takashi, They have been together since 2005. Debuted on August 2011 with their Everybody Go single under Avex Trax record label, which made no. 1 on the Oricon Charts.

Since Kis-my-ft2s' Debut on August 2011, a lot of fans noticed that the way their management treats some of the members. The 3:4 formation. I just wanted to clear out this tension among the fans commenting about this 3:4 formation.

On my We never give up review on my previous post, I said, or more like was complaining about the 3:4 formation. I shared my review with other fans on Livejournal here, and they made me understand more about the situation.

Kitayama and Fujigaya are the lead singers of the group, so its understandable for them to sing most of the parts. While Tamamori, being within the 3 is due to his popularity with his drama along with Fujigaya "Ikemen Desu Ne" So the management decided to put these 3 men up in the front all the time, for performances, talks, photo shoots, etc.

I read the feedback on my previous post, and the fans said that it was natural for newly debuted groups to have  inequality of popularity, and the members do their best to support their fellow members. Since kis-my-ft2 was the first group I've grown to love before their debut. This situation has happened to the current
famous groups as well.
Yaon1101 from LJ commented "NEWS for example, has always been all about Yamapi and Ryo... Arashi was the same at the beginning. Matsujun got all the drama parts and so he was number one for a while (though Ohno is the main vocalist) It wasn't until a few years ago that the members have been getting a more equal treatment with Nino even coming out in foreign movies as well as Sho going to the US for his movie.", Farwalah from LJ commented "Koyama, when NEWS 1st formed, he wasnt given lot of chance to sing but look at him now", and Shibaru11 from LJ commented "Kanjani8 might not have equality but hey, each member has his own talent to be fan to"

These comments mean that most groups go through the same thing in different ways.

Kisumai's situation has been happening for years now but not to this extent. It was merely done to gain profit and publicity. Goodbyethankyou on LJ commented "Back in 2006/2007, when Kisumai performed, the 3 main were Kitamitsu, Taipi and Yokoo. Understandable, because they were the oldest. Then in 2008 they realised Senga could sing and the main 3 became Kitamitsu, Taipi and Senga. Even back then the other 4 looked like back dancers already. Fast forward to 2011, Tamamori's all popular now a little because of Gokusen and mostly because of Your Beautiful" 

Denkira from LJ commented "what I think we fans should do (of course it's just my point of view I don't want to force it on anyone) is stop looking at the so called "backdancers" rolle as something bad. I mean...what's wrong with it? Perphaps it's normal that singing is rated better than dancing, although I don't see why...but hey, how would you like a PV where they all just sing or where they all just dance for that matter? I think it's exactly that tempo that makes their songs so great :) So I don't see why we should look at the word backdancers as something so bad."
And I agree with her.

On Kisumai's Everybody Go PV, every was okay and normal. They were all given a some what fair amount of screen time. They wanted to show the world that they were 7 members in the group, and they did that, even if it was still a 3:4 formation. It was understandable. 

But, on their We never give up PV, I think they went a little to far. The PV was great, the concept was great, the song was marvelous and the routine was spectacular, but I don't understand why they made Senga, Miyata, Yokoo and Nikaido wear similar plain costumes while Kitayama, Fujigaya and Tamamori wear ones that make the other 4 look excluded from the group. 
As I was watching the PV Making, I was really happy that they were all working so hard, laughing, joking, and enjoying their new life as debut artists. I'm so proud of them for not letting this temporary situation get in the way. 

To those who worry and are annoyed at Kisumai's 3:4 formation. 
I'm assuming that this is just temporary, so be patient, it just takes time. Some of the members are already regulars on shows, and them officially debuting is a great thing, we should be proud of them. We all just have to do our best to support them and cheer them on, no matter what. Keep your hopes up. Remember, its not Kis-my-ft2 without ALL the 7 members, and it will all be better in the future. 

Thank you all for those who gave me marvelous feedback on my We never give up review

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  1. Thanks for taking my opinion into consideration...
    As you said, it may be a little bit annoyed but let's hope this will be a temporary annoyness...
    Let's hope the other 4 will get more chance to appeal themselves other than better dancers than some of the main three...
    And let's hope SMY2's fans won't lose their hope halfway...


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